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Everything vibrates and has rhythm. The earth, the ebb and flow of the sea, the seasons, the sun and the moon, our family, social, and working environments . We have a physical body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit; each of which can be considered to be a vibratory field. Our bodies are a symphony of rhythms, the constant firing of neurons, our brainwaves, the rhythms of our breath and heart.

The very first sound we all heard was the constant rhythm of our mother's heart beat. Connecting with rhythm in the form of drumming will quickly reduce stress, free the mind of its chatter, energize the body and create unity within groups. It also assists in the healing of physical, emotional and social damage.

Throughout human history, the beating of the drum has been used as a healing tool in all of the world's cultures. This is not a new form of alternative or "new age" healing, but a traditional method that has been rediscovered. When we play drums with others, vibrations enter our ears and dance within our cells. We find creative expression, a sense of inner joy and a deep connection to ourselves and with others.

With the use of drums and other rhythm making instruments a drum circle facilitator introduces these benefits in a synchronized and enjoyable way. Corporates can restore harmony amongst their employees and experience stress relief within themselves. Groups will discover an entertaining method of self discovery. Friends and family can be united in a playful and creative way. And the unwell can be helped to restore their health with a holistic approach.

But most important of all: Rhythm is FUN!

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